Plasticdelux originated in 2014, its development lasted 1 year and a half. The project was born from a reflection of what should be and what should look like a pair of simplified glasses to its maximum, made in our workshop in France. Breaking with our usual way of doing things: we thought up and produced a design using the less labor possible and without spare parts (no hinge or screws). The effort is mainly focused on the design and production of complex machining programs on 5-axis numerical controls. This project, ultimately complex in the face milling, forced us to invest in equipment and modernize our workshop.

Style and comfort:

A new way of treating handmade acetate ... After machining in a block of material, the faces are left raw, without polishing, just the passage of the nose is polished for more comfort. The matte aspect of the bezel creates confusion on the material, we hesitate with a 3D printing, and no! It is cellulose acetate, a 70% material made from wood and cotton, offering a pleasant touch, a high-end finish. The other imperative was to do light and comfortable glasses hence the choice of a very thin branch.

The colors:

Of course we went on two-tone jumpsuits, playing on the contrast and color associations approaching the world of sneakers. A buttercup yellow face with blue branches or a flash pink with blue will illuminate the face in a pop art style or with soft colors a duck blue with blackcurrant branches, see also a pale pink with a lavender blue will inevitably soften your romantic face. Finally the basics: black face khaki branch and even more, the very structured tortoise shell, black and amber allow you to go incognito.

For optics: a set of 12 colors tangy and tender like a deep and dense pink associated with an evanescent light pink will refresh the faces. This range has only one model: Second in two sizes XS and XXS.

On the other hand, we have chosen to work with an internationally renowned glassmaker Zeiss, so that the quality is irreproachable.